New Production Run: BENCHLAB-04

New Production Run: BENCHLAB-04

We're thrilled to announce a second production run of BENCHLAB (200 units!) based on the overwhelming positive response from our early adopters at ElmorLabs, Open Benchtable, and here!

This new production batch, known as BENCHLAB-04, incorporates a few key improvements over the original BENCHLAB-03:

  • Cosmetic Fixes: We've corrected some minor errors on the PCB printing to ensure accurate voltage information (V12 instead of V9) and updated voltage range details.
  • Improved Durability: The PCB design around the ambient temperature and humidity sensor has been revised for better structural integrity.
  • Increased Cable Flexibility: For easier installation, the outer sleeving on some power cables has been removed to enhance installation flexibility.
  • Firmware Update:
    • Changed firmware version to V2
    • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where fans wouldn't spin in certain situations.
    • New Feature: The firmware can now identify boards with potential temperature/humidity sensor problems.
  • Enhanced Shipping Protection: We've upgraded the outer and inner packaging materials to provide superior cushioning and safeguard the BENCHLAB PCB during transit.

Importantly, none of these revisions fundamentally change the function of the BENCHLAB. However, the firmware and shipping protection improvements are also available for the BENCHLAB-03. Both BENCHLAB-03 and BENCHLAB-04 will be available for purchase through our webstore, Open Benchtable, and ElmorLabs.

Stay tuned! Our next blog post will guide you through flashing the updated firmware onto your BENCHLAB-03 PCB.

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