BENCHLAB is a cutting-edge, compact, real-time system telemetry solution engineered for PC DIY enthusiasts brought to you by Open Benchtable and ElmorLabs.

It allows you to effortlessly monitor critical system metrics, including temperature, power usage, and voltage levels. You can also manage system fan speeds. The telemetry data is displayed in the BENCHLAB software, and you can log and export data to a file or to HWiNFO.

BENCHLAB empowers PC DIY enthusiasts to make informed decisions when fine-tuning the system's performance. It helps identify potential hardware issues before they escalate and helps optimize any hardware configurations seamlessly. Its intuitive design makes it a must-have tool for seasoned overclockers and PC DIY enthusiasts, simplifying the complexities of system telemetry.


How it all began ...

As both live in Taipei, Taiwan - the capital of the computer hardware industry - Pieter from Open Benchtable and Jon from ElmorLabs, both hardcore tech enthusiasts, regularly catch up over lunch.

One day, fueled by their enthusiasm for PC DIY tinkering, they got chatting about using ElmorLabs' PC DIY tools with Open Benchtable systems. Sounds awesome, right? Well, here's the catch – connecting a bunch of ElmorLabs tools to the sleek Open Benchtable turned it into a bit of a cable mess. Not exactly what Open Benchtable is all about.

So, they scratched their heads and asked a simple question: Can we design a high-quality, versatile, compact system telemetry solution that seamlessly fits the Open Benchtable?

Fast forward a couple of months and here's BENCHLAB, a real-time system telemetry solution that snugly fits on your Open Benchtable without making it look like a spaghetti junction. No clutter, just straightforward PC DIY goodness.


About Open Benchtable

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The Open Benchtable project is a community-driven collaboration that started in 2015 between HWBOT, Overclocking-TV and Streacom to create a truly exceptional benchtable, one that redefines the product category and towers above current offerings in terms of portability, aesthetics, quality and design. https://openbenchtable.com/.



About ElmorLabs

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ElmorLabs Ltd was founded 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan by Jon Sandström (aka elmor). We’re focused on designing hardware, firmware and software for PC applications often related to extreme overclocking. https://www.elmorlabs.com/.