Upgrading your BENCHLAB Firmware to Version 2

Upgrading your BENCHLAB Firmware to Version 2

This guide walks you through upgrading the firmware on your BENCHLAB device to version 2. Upgrading the firmware resolves a fan control issue and helps identify temperature/humidity problems.


What's New in Version 2?

In our BENCHLAB-04 news post, we already mentioned the new firmware. While version 2 doesn't introduce new features, it fixes a bug where the fans wouldn't activate in certain situations. BENCHLAB-03 owners are still encouraged to upgrade for improved performance.


How to Upgrade the BENCHLAB Firmware?

Step 0: Before You Begin

You'll need to either create an account or provide your email address to download the programming software.

Step 1: Verify Current Firmware

Open the BENCHLAB software and check the firmware version in the "Status" tab. If you have a BENCHLAB-03, then likely you’ll find firmware version 1. BENCHLAB-04 owners should already have firmware version 2 out of the box.

Step 2: Prepare Your Device

Make sure to disconnect all power from the BENCHLAB. Then locate the jumper near the ARGB1 connector and move it to the debug position (top 2 pins connected). Then, connect the BENCHLAB to your computer using the USB Type-C cable.

Debug Mode Check (Optional): If the RGB lights don't turn on when connected, the device is in debug mode (only works if the RGB switch is in "Play" mode).

Step 3: Flash the Firmware

Open STM32CubeProgrammer. The software should automatically detect the BENCHLAB if it's the only USB device connected.

Backup Current Firmware (Optional): Click the "Read" dropdown menu and select "Save As" to save a copy of the existing firmware.

Go to the "Erasing & programming" tab.

Click "Full chip erase" to remove the old firmware.

Browse to the downloaded firmware v2 and click "Start Programming."

The device will disconnect upon successful completion.

Step 4: Verify the Update:

Disconnect the BENCHLAB, move the jumper back to its original position, and reconnect the device.

The RGB lights should turn on if the switch is in "Play" mode.

Open the BENCHLAB software again and check the firmware version. It should now display version 2.

Congratulations! You've successfully upgraded your BENCHLAB firmware. This process should also apply to future firmware updates.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or encounter issues during the upgrade process, feel free to contact us for assistance.


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